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Mike Mitchell - "The Birthday Boys S01E01" (Bears/Chubs on Movies/Tv)

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So this is the second time Ive been told Im too young for someone. I feel old as shit but apparently its not old enough. I dont get the whole daddy craze that seems to be sweeping the bear community. Im freaking 33, and I feel like Im way too old to find someone. Im in that weird age group where no one wants me, Im either too old or too young, too fat or not fat enough. Dating is frustrating as fuck, I think being single may be the best.

On the plus side Im no longer sad or lonely since hearing that. Just aggravated, not at him but at life in general.  I made a new friend out of it so thats great.

Just had an awesome weekend with a great guy, going into this I knew it was a long shot that we would work out due to distance. I found myself falling for him anyway. Im not sure if it was him or just the idea of him. Having someone who cared about me, holding someone, spending time with them, it felt really good. Everyday I get older and feel like my like is slipping away. It felt great to have someone in my life who was mine. Im rambling at this point trying to work through how I feel and why. I knew that we couldnt really date but I guess just the thought of it was more than enough to send me flying over the edge. Life is rough at times, I hope I find someone to share it with soon



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